Fancy Cars in Bugarra

It has the only surviving collection of Bugarti wall calendars replete with scantily clad Spanish ladies showing their deep affection for the three wheelers.

Nip, Tuck & Bend

“No more walking around like a sexless alien. Say goodbye to goldfish looks. No need to worry about facemelt.”

Wadi Al-Salam GravePort

Visitors will still be able to locate and visit relatives’ graves without compromising airport security.

Gün, Marbach, Switzerland

Next time you hear of a murder, a war, a terror attack or just a kid randomly shooting his class up, you can smile in the knowledge that you know the weapon was Swiss made.

Trump Waxworks & Hillary Makeovers

“No one wants to hear these politicians but most people want to see them. I’m going to arrange that.”
So she’s created waxworks of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, put them in a mobile visitor center and set off on a road trip that includes all places where Hillary and Trump failed to stop on their campaign trails.

The People’s Security Wall

Many people are surprised to hear that the USA and Russia are separated by a narrow channel of water called the Bering Strait. This water used to be the only defense America had in combating communist and other foreign infiltration, avoiding all-out nuclear war. In 2002, the State Department called in Professor U Ne Win…

Rio Olympics

Satisfied that human sacrifice had been abolished, Ethelvgne raped, pillaged and murdered all residents over the age of three, as is the Viking way, and returned to Gothenburg.

The Real Jerusalem

Ever since Nuon Chea, Cambodia’s most famous explorer, set foot in what was then Canaan, and declared Canaan part of the Cambodian empire, the Cambodians have had a love affair with Jerusalem.

Kick a Horse in Xanadu

With a sly smile he turns to the children and says, “if you haven’t kicked a horse in the bollocks you haven’t lived!”

I’m Wayne and So Is My Wife

Wayne has been the most popular male and female name for babies for the past 5 years in succession in the United States.