Visit Brand-New Island!

Seeking an exotic destination? Conjuanito, off Chile, is now on the travel map.

Travelopediyak now offers package deals to the island that was only discovered in 2015. The international online-travel booking company unveiled its latest destination at a glitzy ceremony in Santiago, the Chilean capital.

Conjuanito only came to world attention when it was spotted by astronauts on Skylab-Three as they were observing cloud patterns over the Pacific.

“We immediately concluded the new-found land was the result of global warming,” said Franklyn Curry II, a former NASA technician.

It was always known there was a continental shelf running some 50 miles out to sea from Chile’s 4,000-mile coastline. Seemingly the lower sea level, which runs counter to popular scientific thought on the effects of global warming, left some of that shelf above the water.

Over the last 12 months, Travelopediyak invested heavily on the island, building a series of eco-friendly single-story hotels. Engineers from Venice, Italy were flown in to insure flooding would not be a problem.

The first visitors to Conjuanito will be welcomed in January 2017. That having been said, thousands of feathered visitors have already made their home on the 3-by-1.5 mile island. Not only that, wildlife includes the threatened badger puffins and water hogs that swam to the fledgling landmass just days after its emergence.

“Travelopediyak is delighted to embark on this new adventure. We’re morphing from online-booking system into designer of totally unique holidays,” said the company’s CEO, Frederica Swarmi.

Ms. Swarmi herself grew up on the Andaman Islands off India – one of the areas worst affected by the 2004 tsunami.

“Conjuanito is safe,” she concluded.

Holiday packages including flights, with helicopter landing and full-board accommodation will go on sale on April 27 at

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