Tallinn, A Reire Beauty

Some would say the Reire is the holy of holies of East Tallinn.

After the civil war, in 1886, Tallinn was split into East and West. The populations of each country was given the option to choose east or west in which to settle. On March 12, 1887, the day of the Great Migration the Tallinnese moved to their prefered location and a wall was built separating the two sovereign states.

The majority of the population chose east, because they prefered the Reire area. Often called the holy of holies or the gate to happiness, the Reire is known for its mystery, challenges and outstanding qualities.

Set in a deep valley, the Reire is an area of outstanding beauty. At its center is a warm thermal pit.

People are not said to arrive at Reire but rather to enter it.

This ideal location has spawned a massive tourist industry with many new hotels and attractions. Tourist flock from all over the world to sample the delights of Reire.

The thermal pit is quite small and only one person can enter at a time so it’s advisable to arrive early – 4am is not out of the question.

Reire became a UNESCO world heritage site in 1984.

The famous Kardashian family opened a new-age health and healing center spurring unprecedented numbers of people wanting to check in to Kim Kardashian’s Reire Spa.

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