EXCLUSIVE: Hygienic Hyenas

Hyenas are distant relations of cats. Very distant. But related nonetheless.

Now y’know the way cats are always licking themselves clean or applying a bit of spit-and-rub technology to their kittens. Well guess what? Apparently this is something they picked up from the hyenas of Africa.

As Michael Caine would say “not a lot of people know that.” And as we say “What difference does it make?”

Now’s the chance for you to found out, and the answer is super kool.

BS Travel Africa has just launched Hyenas 2016-17. It’s our guide to the strange world of the animal from the feliform suborder of the Carnivora.

If that sounds like a mouthful or even boring here’s the good bit – and it’s exclusive to BS Travel!


Whoah, we hear you saying in disbelief. But it’s absolutely true. Our camera crew was filming in the High Kawatse Nature Park near Lusaka, Zambia when they captured a pack of hyenas sharing a box of Kleenex.

This was no isolated case of hyenas just monkeying around with a lost tissue from a park ranger. Our team followed the pack of hyenas for a month and discovered the animals’ reputation for stealing from humans is absolutely justified.

However, picnic baskets, children and other goodies were totally ignored by the hyenas. They were only interested in packs of tissues, baby wipes and those handy little bottles of anti-bacterial gel you keep in a car for when there’s no washroom nearby.

The hyenas used their forefeet to hold the cleansing items while using their mouths to open packets, tubs and bottles. Then, remarkably, with squeezes of gel onto tissues and dips of Kleenex into the local watering holes, the hyenas washed one another. Repeatedly.

They made the clean freaks you know back home look plain dirty.

We’re now offering a sneak peek of this incredible behavior in our upcoming hyena tour of Zambia in October 2016. www.travelopediyak.com has all the details.

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