Aliens and the Full, Full Moon

There is only one place from the Earth the moon can be seen in its entirety, the full, full moon, both the front and the ‘dark side’. On June 24, every year moon watchers ascend the steep cliffs to the tip of George’s Point, on the former British colony of Grand Pen Island near the Falklands, to watch the full, full moon from every angle.

It’s fascinating to see the moon in three dimensions and get a view of this heavenly body, Earth’s nearest neighbor, in plain uninterrupted site. The poet Shelly wrote of this island, on a visit in 1887:

Like a mothers ripe breast doest hang the mighty, full, full moon, tempting and plenty from the onset of noon, and yet though no man may touch nor taste, the thought of this globe makes trouser tight at the waist.

Darwin called this spectacle, “wondrous and warm,” while Isaac Newton thought the whole spectacle a waste of time and mused, “The only thing wondrous or warm, be’ a whores love or affectionate dog.” The latter quote was found years later scribbled on a wall in a public toilet on Windmill Street, London, and subsequently attributed to Sir Isaac by graphologist Mary Wares-Soapier.

(Ian Sane / flickr)
(Ian Sane / flickr)

The most amazing part of the full, full moon’s appearance is the midnight beam which emanates from the seamline between the light and dark side, forming a faint ray which stretches to Earth and illuminates a small, ancient structure known by the indigenous tribe as Tafatolu Ule Tetele and to the colonists as Pen Island Castle.

On first site, the pyramid could be Mayan, but on closer inspection the architecture matches no other structure listed in the Big Book of Architecture. The stone is not naturally found on the island and the nearest samples have been found on Planqtone y su Hijo Cantero, an island 200 miles to the south.

As one ascends the pyramid via its central staircase, carvings can be discerned on either side showing men with large globes over their heads and what appears to be breathing cylinders on their backs. There is Arabic numbering running from 10 to zero from the bottom step to the top. Interestingly there is a German inscription, maybe a name, Liphthoff, etched alongside the ‘zero’ step. One certainly gets a buzz from the top. Unlike the pointed pyramids of Giza, these are flat on top, and afford a wonderful viewing platform.

The locals claim this was a terrestrial base for extraterrestrial aliens from other planets and the evidence does sway in their favor. On the other side of the pyramid, roughly 20 feet up from the base in the middle, are four further markings, providing more alien-supporting evidence. They are three half-moons CCC and a fourth figure which looks like the outline of the English letter P. These are said to represent the three moons that orbit the aliens’ planet and their starship. Only one mystery baffles natives and scientists alike: Why is there a statue of Lenin on a nearby plinth?

If you book to see the full, full moon, be sure to do so as early as possible. Hotels will be booked up from as early as the previous November and there is a two-year waiting list.

Campers are not welcome and there are no hostels for backpackers.  Finally, due to the apartheid regime on the island, at this time nobody of African-Cypriot origin will be afforded accommodation or entrance to George’s Point or the pyramid.  For more information on the full, full moon and Grand Pen Island visit

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