BS Travel Unveils Cricket Tour

Why not join us on our cricket tour of remote islands? This will be our homage to all things cricket, whether of the bat and ball or six-legged variety.

This follows last year’s lotus combo that took in flowers and the fastest cars.

Stalwarts of BS Travel Guide’s Two-in-Ones will also remember:

  • Nymphs 2014 – a tour for baby-insect lovers and raw sex
  • The Bar 2013 – for alcoholics and lawyers (quite a few ended up behind bars too!)
  • Swallow 2012 – birdwatching and bird-eating at its best
  • Cataracts 2011 – from cloudy eyes to stunning waterfalls
  • Decks 2010 – Cards 24/7 aboard a luxury liner
  • Organs 2009 – Great churches and hospitals

Cricket 2016 sets sail for multiple paradises in December and takes in:

Day One: Meet at your own expense at Saint Denis on Reunion, east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean for the annual USA-Canada  cricket match (yes, this really exists). By night we will listen to the Kacherbal cricket with its distinctive “Chewbacca”-style ululations.

Day Two: Fly to Hanga Roa, one of the remotest islands in the South Pacific Sea.

Day Three: Celebrate Christmas Day playing cricket against a trained king penguin team before enjoying pan-fried crickets tossed in a mélange of penguin oil and coconut milk.

Day Four: Fly to Hokkaido, Japan.

Day Five: Play kimono cricket against the Obihiro Cultural Council Unisex Cricket Team. At night we will sail in Sapporo Bay and marvel at the world’s only floating crickets. Some say they even look dead.

Day Six: Fly to Illa des Conills, one of the Mediterranean’s smallest islands.

Day Seven: We introduce you to cricket breeding and teach you how you can rear your own. For an additional fee you can buy your own microscope and IVF kit to get you started. We play indoor cricket in the island’s only building, erected just for the purpose. This will be a quick-cricket competition with the winners tossing the losing team into the island’s famous semi-active volcanic mound crickatoa.

Day Eight: Fly to Svalbard which separates the Greenland Sea from the Barents Sea in time to play midnight cricket under the Northern Lights, while listening to the hurdy gurdy of the Icelandic Large-Bellied cricket. What a way to bring in the New Year.

Day Nine: Depart for home at your own expense.

The trip will set you back a mere $16,000 but it’s worth every cent. for details.

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