Coming Soon: Trans-Pacific Tunnel

Afraid of flying? Soon taking to the air will be a thing of the past, according to the team behind the new America-Australia tunnel that will allow trains and cyclists to make the journey under the seabed.

Previously thought impossible, the 9,334-mile journey from Los Angeles to Perth will mean a rail commute of just 26 hours traveling at 350 mph.

It’s thought it will take a little longer for cyclists, on the specially-prepared asphalt that will run alongside the rail tracks.

“In terms of engineering our biggest problem was deciding how the cyclists would cope with the ‘woosh’ of passing trains,” said Professor Kathryn Devers of the University of Pacific Islands, who heads the tunnel’s technical team. “We’re suggesting cyclists take umbrellas and open them as they see oncoming trains.”

She also recommends opening umbrellas as trains pass “to maximize the benefits of their slipstreams.”

Burger giant Big Whoppers™ has already won the franchise for cyclist rest stops, while elevator manufacturer Purvis-Hughes was awarded the contract to build shafts that will connect the route to numerous small islands above.

“Eventually there’ll be stopping points en route so passengers and cyclists can get out and stretch their legs,” read a statement from Purvis-Hughes.

Asked about the difficulty of constructing a tunnel below the world’s largest, deepest ocean, which drops to a mind-blowing 6.8 miles below sea level, Devers said “getting down there is no problem. If ever we do have a problem getting back up, we may ask passengers to push.”

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