Around the World in a Day

Is it possible to fly around the world in a day and visit key locations? The manufacturers of Eurobus’ new XL5, the latest in a series of supersonic jets to rival Concord, think it can be done and they want to prove it.

“Europlane International Aerospace Industries, EIAI, are looking for twenty volunteers to board the XL5 for its maiden 15-stop, 24-hour tour of the world”, announced Brian Moore, CEO.

This historic tour will stop in London, Paris, Berlin, Warsaw, Moscow, Beijing, Mumbai, Sydney, Cape Town, Rio, Brasilia, Boise, Toronto, Reykjavik and back to London.

James Hill, chief engineer with EIAI, was excited to tell us of this amazing opportunity, “It’s going to be quite a ride”, he chirped, “The XL5 has all the most up to date technology, complete with a touch screen that controls your entire environment, you can touch anything to change the atmosphere, except for the flight attendants, but if you did, that would really change the atmosphere,” he chuckled.

Andrew Grey, deputy chief technology officer explained the process of selecting the twenty lucky passengers, “We have placed golden tickets in twenty bars of milk chocolate and distributed 100,000,000 bars worldwide.”

We calculated the odds of winning at 5,000,000 to 1, but you never know.

Sir Kenny Dalquiche, Britain’s minister for supersonic travel and urban renewal faxed his statement to us: ”It is with great pleasure that Britain, FOR SENDER EYES ONLY, not since the Battle of Britain, has once IF YOU RECEIVED THIS FAX IN ERROR DO NOT READ IT again exceeded all expectations in dominating the skies. XL5 will be launched in a fireball of wonder and people will be asking in 50 years time, 0171 2334543234 where were you when the XL5 went up?”

Look for Cradbury’s Fruit and Cranberry chocolate bars on sale this week and for the next 2 months. EIAI will reduce their costs with every bar bought.

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