Whistling Trees on Mbanika

If you listen carefully the trees really do whistle.

As we stood in the whistling forest we were amazed by the beauty of sound that emanated as one of nature’s wonders literally played out in front of us.

The trees of Mbanika Island in the Forest of Whistles are a unique native tree called Erección Fallida in Spanish.

These trees have two special features; firstly they have small holes running the length of their hollow trunks and the second is they grow in varying sizes. When the wind blows through the forest the trees act as wind instruments, most closely resembling panpipes, and appear to play music all of their own.

Since the Solomon Islands’ battle for independence against Great Britain in 1973, the Solomonite government has opened the islands to tourists and the Mbanika whistling forest is the star attraction.

Getting to Mbanika couldn’t be easier. Take any flight to Australia. Take a connecting flight to Papua New Guinea. Catch the shuttle bus to the coast and board any boat.

There are 900 islands so make sure you ask for Mbanika!


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