BS Travel Guide Quiz #1

The time has arrived for the first-ever BS Travel Guide Quiz. If you don’t know the answers – shame on you! (Answers below the questions)

  1. What is a shadoo?
  2. Where will you find the world’s oldest tourist office?
  3. How many people visited the Louvre’s new Minions gallery in 2015?
  4. What links William Shakespeare to the Ugandan Ministry of Tourism?
  5. If music be the food of love, who is performing at the 2016 Oppernschauer Festival?
  6. 1556 marks what for the people of Havana, Cuba?
  7. If Berlin is to Germany, what is _______ to Butchery Island
  8. Why is Newfoundland the hottest place on earth?
  9. Which city has been declared the 2017 City of Marijuana?
  10. The Peace Islands are famous for what, geologically speaking?



  1. A sled drawn by rhesus monkeys. Normally 30 of 40 monkeys are harnessed at one time. It makes for a surprisingly effective and efficient mode of transport especially across ice or snow. Because of the number of monkeys the weight is spread quite easily and even if 10 monkeys die on any journey the remaining monkeys can easily compensate.
  2. The world’s oldest tourist office can be found in the world’s oldest city.
  3. Over 1,800,000 people passed through the Louvre’s Minions Gallery in 2015 according to the French Ministry of Tourism, Art and Roadways.
  4. It is a little known fact that Shakespeare visited Uganda while writing his well known play Othello. Not ever having seen an African he was eagre to see if the rumours were true firsthand. While he was there he fell in love with a Ugandan princess who fell pregnant. William fled back to England. The princess named her baby William Shakespeare Jogoo Kubwa. Each male in the royal line was named William Shakespeare Jogoo Kubwa all the way to today and the current Ugandan Minister of Tourism Mr William Shakespeare Jogoo Kubwa.
  5. Performing in the year’s Oppernschauer festival are the Kon Tiki Irish dancers, Worldvision winners Wanga Wonga, the Niger Shadow dancers, Lebanese soul sensation Ali Shahidi, Seal Woppers and all the way from the United States of America, rock sensation The Geologists who will cut and polish rocks to the music of Wanga Wonga.
  6. In 1556, the citizens of Havana, Cuba first received permission from the Peruvian government to wash clothes in public rivers after 4pm.
  7. Berlin is the newest city to be built in Germany, named by some as Berlin New Town. Its equivalent on Butchery island is of course Horse Grass Garden Suburb.
  8. Book now for our 2018, last chance to see a cold a place in Canada tour. Scientists explained the Gulf Stream has changed directions and no longer heads from Mexico to Europe but got itself stuck on a large promontory in Newfoundland not far from Emily Harbour. It’s mixing with the spring water there causing a massive latex in the atmosphere and a heating up of the p-zone layer. Book now at
  9. Cancel your tickets to Riyadh now. The Saudi authorities reneged on their decision to boost tourism via the green leaf. They admitted making a hash of it because smoking is not in line with their strict Islamist code of law. “The dope who came up with this idea was a total weed,” said police chief Ali Almater. “He’s now in jail rotting with the roaches.”
  10. Ever since Hockney Isle hosted the For God’s Sake Nation States Be Nice to Each Other Conference in 1974, the Kawuti Archipelago of which Hockney is the capital has become known as the Peace Islands. But the original Kawuti is Swahili for volcanoes. The line of islands was formed when the massive volcano erupted on Hockney. Indeed, the very reason Hockney was chosen for the event was the symbolism of the extinc nature of the fearsome volcano, on the now peaceful archipelago.

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