The Amish Route

In 1269 Marco Polo set sail from Venice, Italy. On board were his trustiest friends and fellow sailors – all of them Amish, including Polo himself.

They sought a better life, a new dawn, a promised land. With that in mind they headed for the Holy Land. But there, deep disappointment set in as they witnessed the bloodshed between marauding Crusaders and the Muslim forces.

Polo invited his companions to build the world’s first Friends’ Meeting House in Jerusalem where they discussed the situation. Over a steaming pot of porridge oatmeal, the friends decided they must abandon Jerusalem and head east.

They found a degree of karma in the mystical religions of Asia but there too dreams were shattered by a meeting with the Mongol hordes of Imran Khan, grandson of Genghis, later famed for inventing cricket. The pleasure Khan took from thwacking his enemies with a wooden bat made the first Amish explorers realize ying and yang includes both karma and killer.

They moved on.

Polo and his Amish traversed the globe, encountering mint-like polar bears to the north and untamed natives in Africa.

Finally they set sail into the unknown, departing the western side of Africa. They tried heading southwest but adverse winds took them off course, so they eventually made landfall in what would eventually be known as Pennsylvania.

Today, BS Travel Guide is proud to announce a re-creation of that journey. You too can now be a pilgrim following in the very footsteps of the Amish forefathers and foremothers. Wear their clothes, eat their porridge oatmeal, watch mock battles in Israel and across Asia and much, much more.

It’s the trip of a lifetime.

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