Gobblin’ Goblins


“Once upon a time,” began our tour guide Gustav Romanescu, a resident of Sibiu, Romania, “this city was emptied of people. You may think it was the arrival of Count Dracula or Vlad the Impaler or some other mythical vampire. But no, this was palpable. This was real. This was the Gobblin’ Goblin.”

Most participants in this, the first BS Tour of Sibiu were visibly shaken by Romanescu’s dramatic delivery. Some remained doubting Thomases but most seemed willing to believe. Even wanting to buy into the story of the Gobblin’ Goblin.

So what is the truth of the Gobblin’ Goblin?

It was a fiercely cold November in 1542. The surrounding Transylvanian spruce pines failed miserably to protect the town from the bitter northerly wind that whipped up all the loose foliage, turning it into rapidly moving tumbleweed.

Maria, daughter of the town’s elderman Sebastian Corescu, made her way home with firewood collected from the edge of the Rusciori Forest.

As she sang to herself – a mystical lilting tune written specifically to ward off evil spirits – she pulled her shrug closer to her pale skin.

“What was that?” she thought as she heard a rustling sound from a pine tree she’d just passed.

She caught a flash of movement from the corner of her right eye.

Then he was upon her. Biting. Scratching. Ravishing.

And there she met her end. Little Maria.

She was but the first.

With time eyewitnesses reported seeing a green goblin. Short of stature. Evil of intent.

And so the story was born of the terrifying Gobblin’ Goblin.

On this particular evening, the 15 people on the tour are visibly shaken as Romanescu filled in the details, pointing to this grassy knoll or that rocky promontory, each with its own story.

You too can experience the tales for a mere $15.


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