Singing to the Top of the World

So we’ve all seen those TV reality shows like the X-Factor, American Idol, The Voice and so on. If you’re European you’re used to the annual pukathon that is the Eurovision Song Contest.

But here at BS Travel Guide we’re about to launch our own song competition and we want you to be there.

We’re offering 1,200 free tickets to the final, which will be held in Lisbon, Portugal at some point.

The World If You’re Named for a Song You Can Bloody Well Sing Contest will bring together some of the greatest voices on earth.

The basic idea is if you are a country or territory named after something to do with music, we expect that you can sing really well. There’s been massive interest already from the Canary Islands. Meanwhile, we’re waiting to hear back from:

  • Jordan because of the negro spirituals
  • Argentina because of the crying
  • Singen, Germany
  • Song Island, Canada – who would’ve thought Canadians can sing!
  • Mount Liszt, Antarctica – to be represented by Penguins
  • Beatles Lake, Georgia – it would be fab for them to join us
  • Drums, Pennsylvania – looking to beat everyone
  • Horn Island – the most attractive singers in the world
  • Viola City, Kansas – they’re stringing out negotiations with us
  • Triangle, Virginia – we keep pinging them
  • Harmony, California – they had a blazing argument about whether to compete
  • Band, India – which non residents are forbidden from visiting
  • Choir City, Mongolia – they’re looking for a baritone to move into town,
  • Trio, Hong Kong – but only four of them can make the journey.
  • Nightingale, Canada – whose entry is The Birdie Song


More details at

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