Elvis World, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur or KL is a happening place but no more so than at Elvis World, which is dedicated to all things great, including Elvis Costello, Elvis Dumervil and many more.

The attraction opened earlier this year but organizers realized they’d made a big boo boo. In all of their efforts to create the biggest Elvis tourist venue, they completely forgot one thing. Elvis Aaron Presley.

“What do you mean you forgot?” Elvis World owner Haziq Iqbal reputedly asked his staff. “Elvis Presley is the single most famous singer. In the world. Ever.

Staff were reportedly dumfounded with one daring to ask: “Wasn’t that Sinatra.”

Truth was, at least apocryphally, Iqbal totally forgot himself, believing the best singer in the world to be Malaysian star Elvis Khan, who gets a whole room to himself in the attraction.

But wow, did he make up for lost time. In the last five months, his team built a display that puts Graceland to shame.

You can of course stay at the Heartbreak Hotel, and as the tour guide tells you, if you’re lonesome tonight, maybe you should get a hound dog.

Rather than Elvis World, they should rename the attraction Pun City. Or if you move it a few miles west, you could call it the Punjab.

Of course there’s the shake, rattle and roller coaster, which leaves you all shook up – grammatically challenged, but that was Elvis!

Just before the Viva Las Vegas breakfast bar closes the manager shouts “it’s now or never.”

The trouble is the puns are infectious. So, being a religious gal, when breakfast was over I went crying in the chapel. I guess it was the suspicion I had that they couple hugging next to me were kissin cousins.

Puns aside, it’s so kitschy it’s worth a visit. Signage is in wonderfully-poorly translated English and the other Elvises are worth getting to know.

I am sending this post by email – trouble is my letter keeps coming back with the message “return to sender.” I hope someone reads this post. I knew I should have relied on the U.S. Male!

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