Beggars’ Banquet

Humans haven’t always been rich. There was a time when people had to beg for food. As impossible as it seems, they had no access to water, sanitation, electricity and even mobile phones. These times were dark and people aged very quickly because of the hardships. Historians have called this period in history the Dark Ages.

In order to educate the young and old alike, a group calling themselves the Suffrage Society dedicated themselves to help people relive the truly unpleasant experiences of human history.

After the successful 2015 summer camps, Camp Gulag, and their Chinese Re-Education Work program, they have now opened the Dark Ages Theme camp in Chigwell in the UK.

This is not for the faint of heart. Here are some of the horrors you will have to endure as a fellow traveler:

  • No hot water
  • No fast food
  • No access to mobile phones
  • Inadequate toilet facilities (outdoor)

And if you think the list of horrors ends there read on:

  • Campers only have three changes of clothes, although Amnesty International has insisted people are allowed a daily change of underwear.
  • Deodorant may only be applied once a day
  • You may have to share your hovel with other people

And probably the worst of them all; if you leave half way through, there is only a partial refund.

There are regular burnings of witches, luckily they use prisoners on death row so you’ll be perfectly safe although you may be ducked, pilloried or whipped into confession.

Stealing in encouraged as is eating dirt. The owner of the camp has the right to ‘take’ any girl / or women / or boy back to his lodgings for the night, so be prepared.

Occasionally people dressed as knights in armor may randomly attack the village, injuries are common but deaths less so. Try to take cover or better still run as fast as you can. Do not hide in a hovel, there’s a good chance it will be burned to the ground.

There’s a tax on everybody in the village. If this is not payed then a collective punishment is dealt to all residents. Normally it’s a small cut to remove ears or noses, so make sure you can find the cash.

Living in the Dark Ages wasn’t easy. The Suffrage Society claims this is a team bonding holiday, educational and character building.

In 2017 they plan to open a realistic Cold War / Gestapo interrogation center, an early 20th Century Turkish prison, Japanese POW camp (where you get to build your own bridge) and a beginners’ waterboarding course.

For more info contact

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