Skin Replacement Therapy

China is an amazing country. Often called the world’s factory, it’s a place where they will make anything. It’s a wonderful center of rip-off brands, fakes and goods that would otherwise be illegal and guess what you can get a dog sandwich as well. No, we are not kidding you!

In the town of Golog, very close to where China is written on the map, they have opened the first full skin replacement therapy (SRT) clinic and medical tourism is booming.

To explain, skin replacement therapy is a system of removing every inch of skin on the body and replacing it. When a ‘customer’ awakens from the 62-hour operation he or she will be sporting a brand new body covering.

But where does this skin come from? Luckily for China, they have a re-educating system for legal offenders. It’s a way of reintegrating transgressors of the law back into society. Sometimes, sadly, these criminals can not be rehabilitated and they are sent either to work for the government in a quarry or in other quite strenuous activities or they are ‘reunited’ with their ancient ancestors.

Those on the ‘reunite’ program may opt to leave their bodies to science, a noble gesture and highly recommended. Provided their skin is relatively unblemished, the young offenders may be lucky enough to leave their skin to Golog skin hospital where it could give life and youth back through SRT.

We interviewed Anika Thrice, an elderly Swedish women whose crows feet and wrinkles were “frankly out of control.”

Now she has skin as smooth as a 20-year old. In fact, it is the skin of a 20-year old.Minor discoloration and a few scars around the back and legs are easy to live with when she rejoices in her youthful full body covering. Looking Chinese is an occupational hazard and patients are warned that SRT includes the face. Because skin is so flexible and malleable even larger people may fit into a Chinese skin.

Rather like a tailor, the surgeon wheels out a selection of skins for the patient to choose and when happy with the colour, style and blemish levels, will opt for the operation.

These surgeries cost. A level-1, blemish-free skin aged 18-21 can cost upwards of $10,000 plus aftercare.

If the body rejects the skin you will die.

When we asked Dr Samual Ng about the risk of death he said “Hey it’s worth taking the risk. Might as well die if you are unhappy with your body, so it’s win-win.”

SRT is not covered by any health insurance and is cash only.

Medical tourism for SRT can be booked through

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