Independence Square, Edinburgh, Scotland

When Scottish politician Nicola Sturgeon speaks of independence for her country, she has in mind the mass protest in Independence Square, Edinburgh from the 1870 English War.

Sturgeon knows the passions present that September day among those seeking freedom from England.

The square, now the major events’ center for the Edinburgh Festival, is the one place to visit if you have a day free in Scotland.

It’s quadrangle feel means the shouts of yesteryear’s protesters still seem to echo among the Victorian buildings.

The Scottish flag here is permanently at half mast. Tour guides say it’s in tribute to those who lost their lives 116 years ago but the real reason is very different. Quite simply the flag raise Angus McDour was short.

Likewise, they guides talk of the footstone in the middle of the square, suggesting it was here that freedom fighter Bruce Mclaughlin rallied his supporters. However, it was really the spot where Mary Dyer lost her life. She was a shoe shiner to the rich who frequented Brennan Square before its name changed. On that fateful day, Mclaughlin was unaware that Mary was behind him. As he proclaimed to the masses, he turned to demonstrate to the masses how to give the Sassenach enemy a good kicking. He span around, and produced a huge kick with his left leg. He broke poor Mary’s nose and she died of a brain hemorrhage on the spot.

Those favoring independence would rather forget that event.

We don’t.

You can join a BS Travel Guide Official Tour of Independence Square every Monday at 3:13pm, the moment Mary lost her life.

Vive la revolution.

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