The Furry Creature of Furry Creek

The Loch Ness Monster? Bigfoot? The Bruchtenassee of Birmingham?

Forget them all.

Millions have flocked to the coast road north of Vancouver, Canada to seek out the latest scary sensation, the furry creature of Furry Creek.

Of course you’ve read the newspaper reports and heard that chilling audio of the beast crying out in the middle of the moonless night. But do you have the guts to seek it out for yourself?

Now BS Travel Guide is offering you an incentive. The Royal Society of Beastie Namings has allowed you, the BS Travel Guide family to choose the name of the monster from the watery depths.

All you need to do is book a travel package with us and you will automatically be entered to a competition to name the hairy phantom-like animal.

Henrietta and Roger are currently ranked in first place by bookmakers, while the online betting sensation BetBSNow has Terrence and Teresa as the likely names that you our readers will  choose.

Aside from the hype and hyperbole, to say nothing of the wanton exaggeration, the creature is said to be enormously, humongously massive. So big, in fact, it’s amazing no one spotted it before local lad Percey Bysche Sledger on June 14.

Local mail woman Ilona Sharpe is knitting the world’s largest sweater “just in case the poor thing is cold in the winter.”

“She’s certifiable,” said local mayor Q.J. Ratcliffe when asked about Sharpe and her massive needles.

Anyway, sign up fast. It should be the adventure a lifetime. And if the creature DOES eat you, at least you’ll make it to the local TV news.

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