Smooch City

Where is the most romantic place on earth? Where should you take that special someone to whisk them off their feet? Where should you go to woo someone into an unforgettable smooch?

Halifax in Yorkshire, England.

“But Halifax is full of woollen mills, men in cloth caps with ferrets down their legs and women in curlers under hairnets,” we hear you say.

Nothing is further than the truth. Perched on the eastern edge of the magnificent Pennine hills, with stunning views and invigorating breezes, the town instills romanticism in even the most hardened of cynics.

When BS Travel Guide’s editor in chief, a crusty old codger, returned with his aged wife from a weekend in Halifax he wrote “I have to take the week off to recover. My lips are blistered.”

Nine out of 10 visitors to Halifax, who filled in our recent survey, admitted they had a liaison of one form or another within 24 hours of arriving in Halifax.

“I arrived single and left satisfied and in lust,” was one comment on our poll.

“I never knew kissing could be so good,” a regular reader told us.

Doctors and scientists are at a loss to explain the phenomenon but here’s our advice:

Book a visit to Halifax and get ready to pucker up.

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