Visit Zhougloub, The World’s Ugliest City

We asked readers to name their ugliest city and explain why, with a prize going to the best answer.

Amazingly more than 600 people talked of their visit to Zhougloub near Wuhai in Inner Mongolia in China.

As we write this piece a new hotel has opened in the city square and it’s cheap. Really cheap. We strongly recommend a visit just so you can pity the entire unbelievable eyesore.

Let’s start with the square. Well, when we say square it’s marginally larger than a postage stamp and is neither square nor rectangular in shape. It’s a blob, indescribably shaped and surrounded by dilapidated, crooked homes giving the pedestrian the greatest feeling of claustrophobia we have ever experienced on our travels.

Moving out of downtown, the picture goes from worst to whatever the word is for something that is less good than worst.

Broken paving stones are piled 30-feet high, leaving craters for walkers to fall into. Don’t bring a car because the roads are more potholed than a chalk mountain.

The stores and other businesses are mainly closed, boarded up or with broken windows.

Beggars outnumber shoppers and city hall acts as a weekend getaway for local homeless.

The weather seems permanently dull with a howling dry wind available 24/7 for those brave enough to wander the “streets” of Zhougloub.

We recommend a visit in February when temperatures plummet to -34 Farenheit.

The food is plastic on a good day and as brittle as a brick. Try dry moose pâté and wash it down with the local been that makes car oil seem palatable.

Highly recommended.

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