Spider Twins

Spydeberg, Norway is beautiful. Lets face it, all of Norway and most of Scandinavia is beautiful. But Spyderburg has an inner beauty that reflects its outer beauty in a beautiful way.

Spyderburg is the home to world’s first spider outreach center and emergency clinic.

The story starts with two of Spyderburg’s now most famous residents, twins, Agnes and Anders Sorrenson. On a camping trip, Agnes accidentally pulled a leg off a spider she noticed spinning a web between her grandmothers legs.

“I was concerned”, she relates, “that my grandmother would try to move and destroy the beautiful web the spider had exerted so much effort to spin.  

“I coaxed the spider into my hand and carefully removed the web from between my grandmother’s knees, relocating it between a the table and the wall. My grandmother, who was asleep, woke up, and disorientated by seeing my hands between her knees, jumped out of her seat. The web was destroyed and the spider lost a leg.”

Distraught, Agnes ran to her twin Anders to ask advice, he suggested the local vet. After the local vet had finished ridiculing them, they returned home upset yet determined to do something about this.

The first spider clinic was set up in the twins’ playroom. Researching YouToob and other helpful sites, they perfected their technique for gluing legs back on spiders. Children would bring their spiders from near and far.

“At any time,” Anders reminisces, “we had between 5 and 10 spider patients. When the legs couldn’t be found, we created prosthetics from anything we could find. We also had donor cards made in case we couldn’t revive a spider. Their legs would be carefully removed and filed according to length and color for future use.

“You see,” Anders continues, “I’ve been called the Spiderman and I can do whatever a spider can, except walk up walls, spin a web, hang upside down and get into very small tight spaces.”

This little enterprise caught the imagination of the local paper. Before the twins could catch their breath they had been invited to the headquarters of the WWSF (World Wildlife Spider Foundation), UNSS (United Nations Save the Spider) and the EUSSPU (European Union Special Spider Protection Unit). Resolutions were made and commitments were honored. In the first year the twins raised $30m. Speaking from their yacht in Monte Carlo, the twins’ parents say they couldn’t be prouder.

Today an outreach center has been added to the state of the art spider clinic. The outreach center includes a hotel, golf course, spa and museum.

To visit the center visit www.BeautifulSpiderLand.vz

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