Best Beaches of Zambia

Lusaka has once again won the Best Beach of Zambia award. It’s the 15th successive year the capital has taken the honors.

A beach? In Zambia?

It’s landlocked isn’t it? With no coastline?


But meet Hans Geerters, an Afrikaaner on a mission. Geerters spent years terrorizing Africans in war zones. He was one of the continent’s leading mercenaries. But when the contracts started drying up at the end of the Nineties Geerters needed to find another profession to keep his Swiss bank accounts in the black.

When he fought in Eritrea he became great friends with the president of the Eritrean Beach Volleyball Society Colonel Clacius Gebre. With the compulsory military call up for all Eritrean adults there was a major decline in volleyball. As a result, there were empty sandy beaches throughout the country.

Spotting an opportunity, Gebre and Geerters agreed to export the sand to somewhere the people would make better use of it. Ever enterprising, Geerters contacted the heads of several landlocked African nations, suggesting they create downtown beaches.

Zambia was most interested and offered the largest cash payment.

Now 11 cities in Zambia offer beaches for locals and tourists alike.

Make of Lusaka last, because you’ll want to sample the poorer beaches first before reaching the sandy highlight of the country. Other destinations to sample include Kabwe, Mazabuka and Nyoko.

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