Tigers, Turkeys and Bats, Oh My

The Batman and Tigris rivers join seamlessly, bonding as their waters unite into one. Near this confluence once sat a man, his only task in life to direct boats on their continuing journey along the Tigris or to make a sharp right and follow the Batman to the city of Batman.

The Tigris is of course named after the mythical Dişi Kaplan, the phantom mother tiger that patrolled the river banks protecting her cubs and fisherman from hunters and robbers.

The Batman was named after a mystery man who disguised himself as a bat, fighting crime and protecting the fishermen near his village.

In 1939 a young artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger were visiting Turkey looking for inspiration for a new character for DC Comics. As the winds of war blew dark clouds over Europe that would eventually rain down destruction in a six-year winter, Bob and Bill arrived in Batman.

Speaking to the locals they heard the story of the two crime fighters and agreed on Tiger Woman, the female vigilante who would strike fear into the hearts of hoods, hoodlums, heavy’s, thugs and goons. With her special punch she would rampage through the crime-ridden city of Gothma thwacking and whacking, fnacking and cracking her way to glory.

The boys returned and Tiger Woman was an instant disaster. The people needed a believable hero, not a woman dressed as a tiger. Bob and Bill brainstormed, they remembered their visit to Turkey.

Eureka. Of course.


Immediately, they changed the woman for a man, tiger for a turkey and Gothma City to Gomath City. Another commercial disaster. People equated turkey with food not crime fighting.

Back to the drawing board. Then finally batman was born. The city was Gotham. People loved it.

Today visitors flock to Batman. They laze on the Batman River, visit the Batman mosque, decorated in neo-Ottoman geometric patterns and Batman silhouettes. Finally they move on to the Batman museum.

The Batman museum is open every day of the year. Please be aware men and women have separate entrances and women are required to cover their heads.

Because of the significant contribution Batman has given to Batman (and vice versa) the imam of the Batman mosque is a highly-prized position. The imam can be visited by appointment only. He can be spotted sometimes in the museum and is instantly recognizable by a large bat symbol on his long dishdasha.

For more information visit http://www.batmanmuseummosqueandgiftshop.tk

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