Speed Dating in Rwanda

Sick of those online dating sites? Seeking the perfect bride? Look no further than SpeedDatingRwanda™, the new in-person dating service with an 87% success rate.

Where is Rwanda you may be asking. And if you know where it is on a map, you’ll be asking why.

Entrepreneur Katlyn Morrison from Vancouver, Canada was initially part of a United Nations aid to to then wartorn Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, which is surrounded by Burundi, Tanzania, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (Note to editor: Phew, got all the names in like you said. Great for SEO).

As the people were devastated by genocide, slavery, hunger and more, Morrison saw an opportunity.

Rwanda was poor. It needed any bit of help that it could get. Creating a business that would bring in wealthy visitors from overseas could only boost the economy. Flights. Hotels. Meals.


Enter SpeedDatingRwanda™.

For the last 17 years women and men from across the globe have flown in to this central-African nation. Long-time widows, buff Millennials, one-time jocks and many others pay large sums to find each other and  love under the scorching sun.

And that is the secret of Morrison’s success:

“It’s such an investment to come here that clients reckon ‘I may as well choose someone while I’m here’.”

Morrison makes around $7 million a year – and that’s after the tax payments to Kigali.

She also makes couples – traditional male-female, transgender, gay and many other varieties.

“But I do say no to the owners of animals who want to pair off their pets,” she says.

The process is simple – fill out the questionnaire on the SpeedDatingRwanda™ website and Morrison’s team takes it from there. They arrange flights, accommodation, meeting points and even provide his and hers birth control.

So, why not plan a trip to Rwanda and meet the love of your life!

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