World Hopscotch Championships

Remarkable though it may seem, it’s already four years since the last World Hopscotch Championships, held in Madison, Wisconsin in the United States. Next week the competition will be held once more, and this time it’s extra special.

The event takes place in Carstairs, Scotland – the home of hopscotch, on the 100th anniversary of the founding of the sport.

While most children think hopscotch is a game in which players toss a small object into numbered spaces of a pattern of rectangles outlined on the ground and then hop or jump through the spaces to retrieve the object, it isn’t.

Hopscotch is usually played by very drunk men, who have to jump over glasses of whisky. They start by having to jump 12 filled glasses and with each round further shot glasses are added.

Similar to high jumping, the next competitor can decide how far they wish to “raise the bar” or in this case, how many glasses to add to the row. However, as opposed to the high jump, one has just a single jump at each number of glasses. So, if one fails to clear 27 glasses at one’s first attempt at that length, one is eliminated.

Fergus O’Malley from County Galway in Ireland remains world record holder and a shoe-in for the title in Carstairs. He can jump an incredible 38 shot glasses, making him as successful an athlete as Carl Lewis.

The wonderful thing about this sport is that anyone can join in and seek glory. All you need do is write to us at with your $50 check and tell us in 50 words why you think GLAMORGAN’S FINEST BLENDED WHISKEY™ is the finest on the market.

Good luck.

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