BS Travel Guide Quiz #2

The time has arrived for the second ever, ever BS Travel Guide Quiz. If you don’t know the answers – shame on you! Click on the answer links to find out more.

  1. Q. What Do You Do in Suckow? A
  2. Q. What do Aiko Osaka and sperm have in common? A
  3. Q. What are Sorède’s Swedish Jugs? A
  4. Q. Where is Jesus Christ Cross? A
  5. Q. Which is the best beach in Zambia? A
  6. Q. What do Anders and Agnes Sorrenson do for a living? A
  7. Q. Where should one go for a back, sack and crack? A
  8. Q. What is said to be good luck in Bodrum, Turkey? A
  9. Q. Which countries make up the G-Spot? A
  10. Q. What’s your favorite sausage? A

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