Game of Thrones

Apart from wanting to get the name Game of Thrones into the article for the sake of higher Google rankings for this article (so we may as well also mention Pokemon Go!), the game of thrones is real.

Not some story about seven kingdoms and an incredibly attractive mother of dragons but rather a game that much like chess has its origins in the Far East.

Laos’s fabled Game of Thrones, now a classic board game, is celebrated every year by the monks of Vientiane, whose antecedents invented the game in 1216.

The board resembles a chess or checkers board but on the middle four squares is a throne. Two dimensional. But a throne nonetheless.

The eight players – no more and no less – then take up their own thrones and strategically maneuver them among the squares until one is left standing. Of course you already know this as game of thrones is played by billions and watched by even more.

It’s quite remarkable that game of thrones has become the world’s largest pastime and biggest spectator game.

Laos is preparing for the first major influx of gamers since the age of the jet engine, with an estimated 23 million people expected to enter the country between now and August 15, when the monks play in the 800th anniversary competition.

Noodles Harp Hotel is our competition partner and together we are offering hotel bedrooms overlooking the actual games of throne. We’re throwing into the package a free game of thrones t-shirt and an inflatable throne – perfect for any pool party.


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