Voldemort, Maryland

My wife is hard of hearing. Really hard of hearing. Poor thing, writes our East Coast editor, Raymond Kann.

As you can imagine, working for BS, I do a lot of travel – from the Florida Panhandle up to Madawaska, Maine. Most of it I do alone.

It’s easier that way – living out of a suitcase, a night here, a 500-mile drive is just not for couples, especially with nine kids.

So Sophie was relegated to being a soccer mom. Or should that be promoted in these days of self empowerment?

Anyway, nine kids make a lot of noise. Especially ours. Over time that takes a toll. Particularly on Sophie’s ears.

And so to Voldemort.

Last week I was sitting at home in New London, Connecticut planning a trip to my old college city, when my wife popped her head over my i-pad and asked “where to this time?”

I told her.

“Voldemort, Maryland?”


How we laughed.

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