These Are a Few of My Favorite Words

Our writers travel the world seeking out the best travel tips for you but along the way they pick up all sorts of useless information, much of which is destined never to be written or to be deleted out of existence by our very talented and lovely editors.

This item brings you some of that dross, some of the favorite words and phrases our intrepid explorers pick up on their journeys.

Krichtstavern – This is the German word for a pub at the bottom of a steep hill. Those using the inn are either too lazy or too infirm to climb to the top of the hill to drink at a hausdesgetränksfürjugendliche.

Henjin no tame no sushi – Japanese love their sushi but their are certain types they would never dream of eating. They call those the ones for foreigners or weirdos.

Szamár kolbász – Yes, they really eat donkey sausage in Hungary.

Terde – It’s the new Franglais word for merde.

Gazpacho – A device for barbecuing in the backyard.

Pryshch – We’re not really sure how to pronounce this one but apparently it tastes wonderful in Russia. If you like that sort of thing.

Berbuih – You might get this on top of a coffee if you speak Malay. If you don’t speak Malay you’ll likely get punched for saying it.

Spunklic – Croatians love tasting this local delicacy. Remember to bring a toothbrush.

Bestemmt – Might sound like a really good thing but you wouldn’t impress your lover in Luxembourg with one like that.

Vishaakt bhojan – this is really useful to know if you visit India, but we suspect you won’t find much sympathy in local hospitals.

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