I’m Wayne and So Is My Wife

Yes! It’s that time of year again. The Wayne 2016 Convention is upon us. Anyone named Wayne is invited to join in the festivities.

This year it’s the turn of Wayne, New Jersey. It’ll be tough for The Garden State to better last year’s convention in Wayne, Michigan.

Wayne has been the most popular male and female name for babies for the past 5 years in succession in the United States.

As a result, parents from across this great land have already registered for the big event. So too have some of the world’s greatest ever Waynes. Among them:
British football/soccer sensation Wayne Rooney
Wayne Gretzky
Wayne Newton
Wayne’s World
John Wayne
Bruce Wayne

Among the acts to perform with be the United Kingdom’s fabled Wayne and Waynetta Slob

This year’s convention will be hosted by playboy Romeo Wayne Kerr.

One of the negatives of this Wayne sensation of course is the rise and rise of the Anti-Wayne Front, a political movement dedicated to stamping out Wayneism.

“We promise all delegates we won’t tolerate Waynephobia,” Kerr told Wayne101 FM.

However, if you are planning on attending the event, you will have to go through a cordon of police officers, many of whom will sadly not be called Wayne.

“We will do what we can to ensure the safety of all Waynes,” said Wayne City Police Chief Marion Robert Morrison.

Among the competition’s at this year’s gathering will be:
A traditional game of tiddlywayneks
Wayneking for beginners in which you have to shake a Wayne up and down really fast
Remote Wayne the famous doll you have to manipulate around an obstacle course
Just Juan Wayne when organizers introduce people to Wayne’s from other countries.


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