The People’s Security Wall

Many people are surprised to hear that the USA and Russia are separated by a narrow channel of water called the Bering Strait. This water used to be the only defense America had in combating communist and other foreign infiltration, avoiding all-out nuclear war.

In 2002, the State Department called in Professor U Ne Win Junior, whose successful policies in Burma effectively ended the infiltration of foreign investment and unwanted help in making Burma prosperous. He also masterminded Burma’s change of name to Myanmar so foreign armies wouldn’t be able to find then on the map and guaranteeing all mail would be listed as ‘address unknown, return to sender. He was brought in as head consultant on how to protect America’s most Western border.

The president’s continued policies of isolationism as  defense against foreign infiltration, especially those that brought with them un-American ideas, stretched to the new legislation created to build the great  Bering Strait Straight Sea Wall to Protect the American People or BSSSWPAP for short.

The foundation stone was set in 2005 and construction started shortly after. Workers were flown in by ER Airways, an American airline specializing in transporting people who may be involved in politically-sensitive areas, that for security reasons, needed to be transported in secret.

The wall itself stretches for 900 miles, is 9 miles thick and supports 1,800 towers including 10 missile silos at 5 mile intervals.

Today it’s a solid, impenetrable wall which totally protects the western United States. It has stood for the last 5 years unnoticed by the American public standing as a silent protector and guardian against the misguided ideals of not just Soviet Russia but other foreign, undemocratic regimes.

In 2006, the wall withstood a direct nuclear strike by Iran and in 2007 the wall once again saved the USA from a suspected terror attack when a Russian fishing trawler sailed into the three-mile exclusion zone and was blown out the water.

The visitor center is now open and the tour is a fascinating journey into how the enemies of the free West have constantly badgered us with threats of unspeakable horror.

Tours cover all aspects of America’s defense network, especially the wall. The wall has broken all sorts of world records from the highest, deepest, thickest, most secure, dangerous and ugliest.

In 2015, Russia declared its intention to build a similar wall. Agreements were drawn up effectively reducing the Bering Strait to 500 feet wide. Taking into consideration the size of the wall, exclusion zones and fishing rights, the Bering Strait will be completely impassable, unless you are in a canoe, by  Christmas 2019. Visitors today are treated to a sea voyage which will be impossible in three years time.

Finally visitors will be able to man the main missile silo on tower three of the wall and shoot at random towards any vessels they feel are sailing too close for comfort. America’s second amendment allows for civilian to shoot weapons.

To visit the wall click

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