Sweet Home Chicago; Sweet Home Alabama

Heard of Hansel and Gretel? They’re the bro and sis who get lost in the scary wood and seek refuge in a house made from candies, chocolate (why didn’t it melt?) and gingerbread.

Sweet Home!

Now meet Frankie Carlton. She’s 29. Sassy. Entrepreneurial. And getting rich.

Inspired by the fairy tale, Robert Johnson and Lynyrd Skynyrd, Carlton’s created a Sweet Home Trail, which takes in sugary delicacies from Chicago to Alabama.

“You hear the story as a child and then you fall in love with the music. I want others to share the passion.”

First Carlton took herself off to culinary school to study the delights of candy making. Then she spoke with the relevant authorities along her proposed trail. Approvals in her pocket, she began constructing the 662.6-mile route.

The first thing you notice is the milestones are glazed.

“That’s because they’re made from sucking candy,” she giggles as she guides us from north to south.

Trees dripping with butterscotch, chocolate rivers (inspired by Willy Wonka) and a host of other treats await visitors.

“And you can stay in gingerbread bed and breakfasts,” adds Carlton. “But try asking for one of those when you’ve had a tad too much to drink.”

The route passes through Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee before dropping into Alabama.

Each state has taken the trail very seriously with vendors offering local delicacies along the route.

In reverse, lane cake abounds in Alabama, a whiskey-based candy is the number-one offering in Tennessee, while the Kentucky speciality is blackberry mousse, in Indiana it’s sugar cream pie and Illinois serves up popcorn.

There are doctors stationed every five miles along the journey and people with a predisposition to diabetes will not find medical insurance that covers this sweet trip of a lifetime. Visit SugarRushandRoll.co.ko

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