Trump Waxworks & Hillary Makeovers

Do you love the razzmatazz of the American presidential elections? Or hate it?

Either way we have the perfect tourist attraction and it’s coming to a city near you (if you live in the US).

Entrepreneur Martine Logan decided:

“No one wants to hear these politicians but most people want to see them. I’m going to arrange that.”

So she’s created waxworks of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, put them in a mobile visitor centre and set off on a road trip that includes all the places where Hillary and Trump failed to stop on their campaign trails.

But the fun doesn’t stop there.

Martine is a make-up artist and for a small fee she will make you up to look like either one of the candidates.

“It took me ages to get Trump’s oompa-loompa-orangey look just right. Clinton’s ‘I look like I am staring into really bright headlights’ look was also challenging.”

For details of the tour and prices: www.Don’tVoteForMeCosI’ 

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