Although outlawed in 1448, dragon breeding has been the main source of the city’s wealth right up to 1978 when the last dragon died.

These Are a Few of My Favorite Words

Our writers travel the world seeking out the best travel tips for you but along the way they pick up all sorts of useless information, much of which is destined never to be written or to be deleted out of existence by our very talented and lovely editors.

The Real Ivy League

Ivy League schools were created all across the south, giving black slaves the opportunity to be on equal footing with their white masters when it came to education.

Voldemort, Maryland

Last week I was sitting at home in New London, Connecticut planning a trip to my old college city, when my wife popped her head over my i-pad and asked “where to this time?”

Traveling on Credit

Our advice is don’t take the risk of card failure. Similarly don’t take high-denomination bank notes because of theft risk. The easiest thing to do is go to your local currency converter and ask them to give you the smallest-denomination coins of your intended destination country.

Dying to Cross Shotley BridgeShot

The British would ‘import’ servants from the farthest corners and bring them to Swordsley Bridge so the army could test the effectiveness of their weapons.

The New Silk Road

In an odd twist of fate, the lesser filigree moose of Guyana are colorblind and so miss the nuances of the rainbow-like effects produced by their would-be partners and as a result, there’s a great spectacle but no real hanky panky.

Game of Thrones

Laos is preparing for the first major influx of gamers since the age of the jet engine, with an estimated 23 million people expected to enter the country between now and August 15, when the monks play in the 800th anniversary competition.

BS Travel Guide Quiz #2

The time has arrived for the second ever, ever BS Travel Guide Quiz. If you don’t know the answers – shame on you! Click on the answer links to find out more.

The World’s Strangest-Shaped Holy Trinity

The founder of the town (in 1805), General José Gervasio Artigas, was a Pythagorean scholar. Indeed, in his book Tener mis bebés ahora, o Pyathgoras Artigas proved beyond doubt that triangulation of sunspots on a mountain 14,000 feet or higher will lead to excessive bleeding.

No A, E, I, O, U in Krk, Croatia

Think beautiful port, charming town, sea views to die for and no vowels and you’d be in the town of Krk, Croatia or a they say Krk, Crt.

On the Trail of the Tart

The tartness of the young apples covered with a drizzling of a syrupy mixture, baked at an extremely high temperature for just four minutes gives this tart a real kick.